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  1. I'm thinking of going to either a 16 or 17 inch wheel, and wondering what tires would be best for road handling without a harsh ride. The original 15 inch Magnum 500s are showing their age. Current tire size is P205/75R15, and the speedometer displays accurately. A sportier stance is my objective. Any suggestions from those who have made such a change?
  2. Here in the desert, hot outside air is of little benefit to cool the scorching hot Borg Warner transmission. My air tubes were completely rotted and I had no desire to replace them. So a trip to the local hardware for two rubber stoppers solved the air and water penetration problem. I used silicone adhesive and a rubber mallet to install the stoppers to the cowl opening.
  3. R2 Flux Capacitor? 😜
  4. That's probably the quickest and least expensive remedy. The air from the electric fan blows up, so allowing it to escape under the back of the hood makes a lot of sense. Just want to make sure I don't crack the fiberglass with that thing flopping around! I run with Evans coolant, which does a pretty good job of lowering temps. Biggest problem is living in the desert with a car that really wasn't designed for the desert. But I do recall pictures of the Avanti at Loewy's home in Palm Springs. Bet those pictures weren't taken in the summer 🥵
  5. Good point...(cough, cough). I plugged those two holes that take air to the transmission shifter. IMHO that was a bandaid solution for a problem that remains today. I've also plugged the footwell vents to prevent outside air getting into the cabin. In Arizona, we don't need outside air competing with a marginal AC system such as mine. For outside air, I crack the wing vents and kick open the rear windows. Works great, and zero fumes from my engine.
  6. I've heard good things re: the air dam and may give it a shot. My fan is thermostatically controlled, but I don't want to shut it off...especially in the Valley's 115 degree heat! Because the Avanti's radiator is mounted at an angle and the electric fan is a puller, a tremendous force of hot air is pushed upward in the engine compartment. That's why the engine compartment cools down when the hood is partially opened. A grille in the hood near the forward cowl would probably work wonders for air circulation. Unfortunately it radically changes the appearance of the vehicle, and I'm sure I'd hea
  7. One thing leads to another on the engine cooling project. I installed a four inch aluminum radiator with a 3200cfm electric fan. Works great in town, but on the freeway as more air enters into the engine compartment and boosted by the electric fan, the water temp rises to an unsafe level. Pull the car off the highway and things start to cool down. And it really cools down when the hood is popped open, using the inside release. I don't want to damage the hood by having it bounce around by being partially open. But has anyone had luck getting the hot air out of an Avanti engine compart
  8. From Bob Johnstone's excellent web page: https://studebaker-info.org/avanti_all.html The last Studebaker assembled was Avanti #R-5643 on 12/31/63. R 5643 is an original R3. The order was written on 10-7-63 and the final assembly date was on 12/31/63. In 1978 most of the actual production dates were, apparently, unknown. According to Mr Krem. R5643 was built with manual steering and the quick steering ratio. It is in the Crawford Museum in Cleveland, OH, and has less than 10K miles. It was donated by former Studebaker dealer Joe Erdelac (now deceased). In 1975 he tried to sell the car for
  9. I am now in possession of the minutes of the Board meeting on 11/22/63, and they tell a different story. The vote to accept Sherwood Egbert's resignation was unanimous (5-0). Documentation indicates there were significant differences between Egbert and the Board. At the same meeting, Byers Burlingame was elected President and CEO by unanimous approval.
  10. R-5643 12/31/63 source: Studebaker's Last Dance by Andrew Beckman, Studebaker Museum Archivist
  11. Soooooo, what was the vote to accept Egbert's resignation? And did he get to keep his air conditioned R2??
  12. The expert on Avanti windshield wiper motors is David Bass - amxwipermotors@gmail.com Very helpful guy who diagnosed my '71 wiper motor issue and got the beast to work properly.
  13. It was probably a mere formality as Egbert agreed to a buyout for his resignation. So my guess is all directors voted "aye" to accept. And my guess is all directors voted Byers Burlingame in as new President & CEO on that fateful day in November 1963.
  14. The mic cord is routed between the windshield and dash, then does a 90 degree turn up the A pillar trim. It is clipped on the trim between the door opening and the headliner. (sorry, but I don't see a photo rotation function on the Forum toolbar) I used plastic trim pullers to gently lift trim pieces and wedge the wire in place. When you place a call using Bluetooth, the speakers serve as receivers and the mic picks up your voice without any interference from the AC blower. My rear view mirror is dash mounted, so eliminated placement of the mic there. As far as the USAB port, I purchased
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