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  1. Thanks for your info...that's a beast!! The Evans coolant and switching out to a six blade fan has helped some, but I gotta take the next step with a radiator change out and electric fan(s). Anyone know where Studebaker did high temp testing? (tongue firmly in cheek)
  2. Any idea what brand radiator was used on '71 Avanti II's? I'd like to go with an aluminum replacement and a high cfm electric fan. Avanti is a cool car...I'd just like it to run cooler!
  3. Wait a minute...Sherwood Egbert's full page ad said the Avanti was America's most advanced automobile. (guess he thought no one would pick up on its Lark underpinnings) Now my search begins for credible documentation on alignment specs for this '71. Because so much of my Avanti is Studebaker sourced, would the alignment specs on the '71 be that much different than the 63/64's that were assembled in South Bend? Any suggestions on where to source alignment specs?
  4. My '71 recently had the power steering system rebuilt. The power steering feel is opposite of every other car I've owned with P.S. At slow speeds it takes a lot of effort to turn the wheel. However at higher speeds the wheels turn with almost no effort at all. Under 55mph I can deal with it...but on a highway going 75mph it's scary. The restorer says this is normal. But Is it really normal, or was I given advice from a bizzaro world?
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