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  1. Thank you, thank you! I have been trying for years to identify these. The 2006-07 Avanti used the same ones and likely 2005 too. I just found and purchased a used set on ebay.
  2. It is a "test switch" to make sure the red brake warning light on the dash is functioning. When you press the switch the warning light should light up. If it doesn't, check the bulb or the wiring. This warning light is there to alert you of low brake line pressure caused a leak in the system.
  3. R3 Forward- I think I am correct in that the last two digits of the VIN numbers did not start over again at 1 for the 2007 models but continued on from from the last numbered 2006 model. So if we are in the ballpark of a combined total of (30) 2006 and 2007 cars built, then yours is the 19th of 30 produced. Studegary -If your question of what is the 10th digit of my Ford VIN number was directed to me, it is a 5 meaning it was a 2005 Mustang prior to conversion, yet my Avanti is considered a 2006 based on it's Avanti VIN number.
  4. Sounds like you had the same problem as I had with my 2006 coupe - no AM reception. I ended up making an antenna using #14 insulated solid copper wire and hiding it under and around the outer perimeter of the rear window shelf. It works pretty well. Originally, there appeared to be some type of hidden antenna under the dash which may or may not have had an amplifier. It was impossible to reach or clearly see it. Whatever it was; it was either defective or never did work. Is this what you found on your convertible?
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