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  1. What is the approximate weight of an Avanti body?
  2. Brad, Thank You for the info. I'm calling SI to see what they have . A83 Thank You for head's up on the IIRC connection. I would love to go with EFI on this car but it MUST be restored to it's original 84 configuration. Last but not least Gunslinger Thank You for the tip to call Mr. Booth.
  3. I need to replace the wiring harness on my 84. Who makes the best original harness?
  4. wapanzica

    Blake's GT

    Does anybody remember who the auction house was in 1987? What was the date and location of the auction (not just city but physical location)? I am gathering all the info I can for the GT and auction records would help a lot. The renovation is going full steam. I am still looking for interior photo's from the race so if anybody has some let me know.
  5. Actually Dick Rosenthal was the President of St. Joseph Bank. They were probably the original lender to Avanti. First Source was the lender when they left South Bend in the 80's
  6. That is what I was afraid of. Custom = Expensive. Thank You for your input. Can anybody give me a recommendation on a good custom wheel shop?
  7. Thank You for your input. I think you may be right.
  8. The restoration is well under way on the the GT. Can anybody id the make and model of the wheel rims? I have found some that are close but I would love to find the exact rims.
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