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  1. Left mine in place for originality and bought a new mirror with a suction cup to mount wherever I wanted. The new mirror is much wider and when I go to a show I take it off and have the original look.
  2. The last that were sold a few years ago were 26, 27 and 28 so there could be other cars out there. 27 is registered as a Ford Mustang but 28 is registered as an Avanti. I guess some state go by what the original VIN #. For all we know there are are 5 other 2007 bodies (if not more) out there.
  3. You can try Tough Guy Enterprises, Inc. 64080 US Highway 31, Lakeville, IN 46536 (574) 233-6488. The family has started doing radiator repairs before the Studebaker factory closed. The have worked on 2 of my Avanti's and have a stash of parts.
  4. wapanzica

    Blake's GT

    The VIN on the fire wall is RQB2611 (1977) the VIN in the door frame is RQB4103 (1984) and the SCCA Recognition Form from Aug 6, 1984 called it a 1985 so we can go with that but there are also references to it being a 1985 1/2. The car is now registered in Indiana as a 1984 per the 17 digit VIN code it came back from Mexico with. Confusing Right.
  5. Looking for a car cover for the 2007 convertible. Who makes the best fit? The car is being stored in my garage where I am working on another car and want a form-fitting one for the car and will be putting a larger on over to further protect. Thanks Bill
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