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  1. I don't need the seals but could use the rest. Bill
  2. Have you considered donating them to a local library?
  3. Herb Adams. I own the Mid-Ohio GT and we are in the middle of a total restoration bring the car back to it's configuration when it raced. Herb has been a wealth of information and inspiration on our restoration project. If I am not mistaken Dan Booth own's the Daytona GT.
  4. Herb Adams did the chassis for the #28 Mid-Ohio Avanti GT and its body was a 1977 donor done at the Avanti factory. Both the Mid-Ohio car and the Daytona car are referred to as GT's but the Mid-Ohio car is the only one of the 2 with a true Avanti body, interior and engine. If fact the Mid-Ohio car was never intended to race, it was a prototype for the GT Blake wanted to build. The idea to race in the Showroom Stock race at Mid-Ohio was made after the car was built and Herb had only 30 days to put together a team and make sure everything was ready to race. No race engine, no fuel cell, no l
  5. Thank you so much. This forum is the best thing for Studebaker enthusiasts. Full of truly caring and sharing people, who love to share info and advise. I appreciate the referral, and will give them a shout. I hope  can help someone in the future. Alan Blalock









  6. Try Rollie Williams Paint Spot in Elkhart, IN https://rolliewilliams.com/ . They provide paint for places like Studebaker International. The owner is a board member at the SNM and a member of the SDC. I think they have that color in spray cans.
  7. That would be The Kirkeby Center Building. I also think it is now called Occidental Petroleum Center.
  8. What OEM battery was being used in 1984? Did they use a specific brand?
  9. Thank You. Tried to PM you but it didn't work. Please contact me at 574-532-6927 to work out the details. Bill
  10. Looking for a Blaupunkt Sacramento from 83-84. Anybody got one laying around you would like to sell?. Thanks Bill
  11. I need help trying to identify one of the sponsors for the GT. The logo is a black and red triangle with what appears to be one or two lines of text below. I cannot get any clearer of a blowup to ID the lettering. The logo can be seen just right of the 28 in the lower right corner of the door. Can anybody ID this sponsor?
  12. That's a taillight from a 2010 Toyota Avalon.
  13. What is the approximate weight of an Avanti body?
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