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Front End Alignment

Cobra Pilot

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Good evening. I'm looking at a 1981 Avanti and it needs new tires. The current tires are wearing on the inside. Could anyone inform me what the alignment specifications for the front end are? Also what is the stock size tire that came on this year?



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Take a look at this webpage: http://www.studebaker-info.org/text3/avantiWAS.txt

I believe stock tires were 205/75-15

A common size used as a replacement is 215/70-15; I recently bought Yokohama Avid

Touring whitewalls in the 215 size ("S"-rated). In a blackwall I'd recommend Goodyear

tires in either the ComforTred or TripleTred, or Yokohama AVID TRZ (all are "T"-rated);

if comfort isn't a priority and you want a more aggressive tire, then Pirelli P4000.

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The P215/70R15 is a good size for Avanti's. I used to sell tires and still try and keep up with the market and what's available. Due to that connection I've developed some prejudices both pro and con on different tires and manufacturers. Other's certainly have different opinions and thoughts on tires than I do. To my way of thinking, tire choices are so important that even the best tires are barely god enough considering the role they play in safety and performance.

I have a '69 Corvette that uses the same size as my '70 Avanti. On the Vette I purchased Cooper Lifeliner SLE Touring tires with white stripes...for the Avanti I got Cooper Cobra redline tires. The Vette got white stripe tires to give it its original appearance according to its window sticker (though radials weren't original). The Avanti got the redlines because I liked the way they looked and complimented the red pinstripe. I bought Cooper because I like their quality, ratings and the dealer who sells them locally.

If you want raised letter tires. go with the BFG Radial T/A, Firestone Firehawks or Cooper Cobra. They're all excellent tires. I've heard mixed reviews to the Goodyear lines.

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