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inserts - RH outside mirror & license plate brkt


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OK, so I've got a replacement RH door rearview mirror. One insert is missing to attach to the door. Made several calls to suppliers - can't seem to find the right one to furnish insert. Who knows source?

Next, license plate bracket has bad case of surface rust. Thought this would be an easy strip & repaint. Screws spin in body inserts. How are these best removed?

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The right inserts should be very available. I don't know who you called, but try Jon Myers Studebaker, Studebaker International or Nostalgia Motors. Any of them should have them.

Not sure what to tell you about the screws for the license plate bracket. You may have to drill them out. Maybe cut the body inserts from behind if you have clearance. Hard to say without physically seeing it. If you do all that you'll likely ruin them, if they're not that way already. You should order replacements along with the one for the mirror.

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