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Jim Turner


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I just want to thank Jim for his outstanding customer service. I bought the conversion kit for my 81 a couple of months ago and had problems with one of the calipers freezing up. I wanted to make sure it was the caliper and nothing else before I called to ask for a replacement. The lapse of time from when I bought the kit and when I called him was about a month. What a stand up guy no questions no B/S just I’ll send a replacement out today. It arrived priority mail in a couple of days and car is back on the road. If all companies stood behind their product like Jim we would never hear the horror stories of bad product and worse customer service. 

I had a bad experience with the convertibleTopguys.com last year 950.00 top kit that didn’t fit. They refused to honor the warranty and it was my fault for storing it improperly over the winter. It was in my heated basement. Never buy anything from these guys.

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