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Ls1 or 327?


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Just got my engine and trans out this past weekend. (Was my first time ever doing such a task) Went very smooth. Now I'm torn between choosing a rebuilt 1967 327 1.6 roller rockers 268XE Comp cam, lunati flat tap lifters. 0 decked for high compression, flat top pistons few other accessories ect. Or a basically stock ls1 with harness ecu ect and a t56.  I am interested in hearing what others opinions are. 

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27 minutes ago, Gunslinger said:

The 327 will be easier.  The LS1 will be awesome.  

X2 - the 327" will have all the power the Avanti can hook and is a bolt in.  The LS1/T56 will be two generations better, but way more work and way more expensive.  One doesn't just bolt in and drive away a modern EFI computer controlled engine.

jack vines

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