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F/S: Original AVANTI Shop Manual


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This is a "working" ORIGINAL Avanti Shop Manual. By that I mean a factory Avanti shop manual you can use, while actually doing stuff on your car. It's not a manual to display with your car at a show. You can use your mint manual or a repro for that!

This original manual is reasonably clean throughout. It's NOT marred by greasy fingerprints throughout the interior pages. As you can see, there is some wear in the corners and leading edge of the front cover. This manual is 100% complete, with all pages secure. I like the original glossy paper, and the original photo quality of the genuine Studebaker Avanti Shop Manual. By the way, the covers and interior pages are white. My camera exposure seems a little off on the first four photos.

The price is $35, plus U.S.P.S. media mail shipping. Thanks for looking. And, please also check out my posting for an original Avanti Parts Book I have for sale. John

001 (645x700).jpg

004 (629x700).jpg

009 (700x525).jpg

012 (700x525).jpg

013 (700x525).jpg

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John,  I think I should have both of your manuals.  I have been fighting a repo manual for about 15 years, with no parts manual, and it seems with clear pics it would be a lot easier to work on these cars.  My email is bssmnbll@aol.com, and my cell is 410-279-4109, if you still have them.  Thanks Bill Nelson

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Hi, saddletramp. I don't look at this Avanti site every day, and therefore don't immediately see posts. I sent you a PM yesterday indicating I had sold the manual, and then posted that same information here.  In my PM, I also indicated to you that the photo quality of today's reproduction Avanti shop manual and parts book was much better than what you have experienced in the early repro. About my Avanti parts book,  the hopeful Avanti guy in the Czech Republic also bought that. I really think you'll be happy with the quality of the current reproduction Avanti books, if you're simply looking for good information and decent photos. Good luck on this! John

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