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Selling my 83 Avanti!!


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Well the time has come. I am selling my 1983 Avanti II. 3 owners being my late grandfather, the person he bought it from, and I. It has 59k miles. I've replaced coil springs, all the shocks, new edelbrock carb, distributor, spark plugs and wires, disc brake caliper on passenger side, 2 new speakers in the front (forgot what brand but they were $300). The window motors went bad and since it was the summer I dropped the windows. Sunroof motor is going bad. It stars and runs perfectly fine but has a very small exhaust leak at the collector and manifold , and a leak by the passenger muffler. Paintsnot terrible but cracked by the hood in a couple spots. This car is my world and it's so hard to let go but I cannot afford to maintain this being I am only 22 years old. I don't want this car to sit for years. I want it to be in the hand of someone who will perfect this beauty. Im not setting a price as I do not know what to ask. So I will go with the best offer. Also the car has been in Texas it's whole life. The frame is pretty much rust free almost. 







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Just saw this post...I'd say this '83 Avanti has a lot of potential!...You don't see the chrome plated  bumpers in this nice of condition very often!

Your Avanti's serial number also caught my eye...RQB3654.....My own 'everyday driver'  ''83 Avanti,which I've owned for 24 years, has serial number RQB3655!!:o:D

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On 11/24/2018 at 7:31 AM, Greg Giroux said:

Is the car still on the market and if so have you come to a asking price?

Yes it still is. The 3 4 clutch pack i believe just went out in my 700r4. I just had installed hedman hedders and a very nice exhaust system and then that happened. Im kinda just going with a best offer kinda situation. If i sell her, i want her to go to a good home.. ya know. And if you have any question about anything i can answer it. 

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