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made in s/b? and wheels


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curious as to where '87 convert. #000063 was made. it appears to be in the 1st third of production; would assume south bend, but maybe youngstown?  also any favorite looks in aftermarket 16' or 17' wheels to do the car justice? (not wires) the wheels on it i think are original, and quite fugly. thanks for any info and/or opinions.

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1 hour ago, Michael said:

All 87's converts were built in Youngstown.

Should have a "youngstown" sticker in bottom right corner of the windshield. 

Cannot help with wheels. Good luck.

Are you sure that all 1987 convertibles were built in Youngstown?  Avanti production did not move to Youngstown until September 1987.  The first car off the Youngstown line was a convertible that had started at South Bend.  I believe that one of the two first 1987s built was a convertible and that would have been from South Bend.  The first two 1987 Avantis were kept by Kelly.  I bought (new) car no. 6 that was a coupe (made in SB).  I know that car 27 was a convertible  (I contracted to buy it).  I believe that these were way too early to be Youngstown cars.  On the other hand, the 1987 LSCs were a Youngstown product.  The sticker on the door jamb should state where your car was manufactured.   

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3 hours ago, jwikstro said:

My Avanti convertible:1987 12AAV2230H1000088 was built in South Bend.

Thank you for supporting my refuting the position that all  '87 Avanti convertibles were built in Ohio. 

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