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  1. you can't listen to the radio in my '83, but my '80 is relatively quiet. go figure.
  2. i laid eyes on my 1st avanti in the spring of 1963 at donald dorr's studebaker dealership in manchester,vermont. i was employed by cit credit corp. and don was one of our dealers; we had to periodically check our dealers inventory to ascertain that what they had on our floor plan was either on premise or paid for if sold. don's brother dexter later took me for a "spirited" ride up thru the streets of manchester late at nite at over 100 mile an hour! i became the 2nd owner of #5317 in april of 1977 and still have it, having owned 16 others since then. love those cars!!
  3. arkus

    Avanti Heater!

    flow thru ventilation for heater, no fan initially necessary
  4. based on the pictures dwight sent,(thank you dwight), my book appears pristine and a '63, no mention of any '64. i was unaware of how uncommon it was to find a book in the condition mine is; due to that i will pass it on to my grandson along with the '63 that it came with. thank you for the education.
  5. don't have a clue on how to do that. are you looking for a pic of every word of every page?
  6. arkus

    new calendars

    have they been sent as yet?
  7. i have one, not exactly cheap! 802-492-3440 after 7:00 if you are interested.
  8. my '80 has never leaked a drop! my '83 gives you a shower in a hard rain. "you pays your $$$$ and you takes your chances" in any number of ways with the avanti but i've been in love since 1977.
  9. anyone make it? lots of avantis?
  10. thanks brad, i read that previously and plan to do that after i figure out the &^#)^&$#@ drivers side window, assuming i still have my sanity intact!
  11. now THAT was an explanation! much appreciated. i purchased a 20 amp littlefuse brand cb today, cleaned all the terminals and wires and reinstalled with the old relay. the passenger window now works better than it ever did and doesn't shut off suddenly as before so safe to assume cb and maybe somewhat poor connections were the culprits. drivers side is another question; will tackle that next time. at least i now know the cb and relay are working as they should. appreciate all the help.
  12. thanks for the reply; the pics you sent all show three connections. the one i have has two terminals with nuts securing the wires. i know i can change to push-ons but how about the third terminal?
  13. drivers side giving me fits, passenger side works ok but will stop working suddenly. i expect the relay,(still in the engine compartment) is heating up. i just read everything available that came up in a search but was unable to find a modern, or any, replacement, for the relay. there is a small, 2wire box, about 1/2"x1" directly under and connected to the relay which could be a circuit breaker, (doesn't appear to be a fuse). i'm guessing any 20/25 amp modern cb would replace that, but i'm not an electrical guy. any help truly appreciated. thank you!
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