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  1. 15 or 16 cars in parking lot friday during judge period, the most of any of the 3 days, 3 total inside venders from wednesday thru friday, 2 of those being mike baker and john hull, the 3rd someone selling "literature", no "swap meet" period, 1 avanti on the sales board, (an ambitious project). drove 2277 miles round trip, very disappointed! if this turnout doesn't scream for a reconciliation between the aoai and the sdc, (i belong to both), than i don't know what will.
  2. on my '80 the cc will cancel if i'm turning left, but not if i'm turning right. go figure!
  3. admire your car, admire your posts! keep diggin'
  4. i recently installed a complete exhaust on my '80. i got everything but the mufflers from dan booth. in vermont cats are necessary to pass yearly inspection. we don't have a "sniff test" and they don't have to be original, only there. i bought two small, inexpensive cats from summit and re-engineered dan's system to install them by themselves, no additional mufflers. being also a hot-rodder, i appreciate a good throaty exhaust note, but the sound was, i thought, a little aggressive for an avanti so i re-engineered the system again and installed an additional pair of 24" glass packs. just right! took the better part of a day but was quite straight forward and required no welding. dan's installation kit was helpful. about moon roofs; this car has only 56k on it and has never leaked a drop! i've had others that would give you a shower. go figure.
  5. please explain in detail the "blocking process". ie: can anyone on the forum "block" other folks they might have an issue with?
  6. just watched a 1/2 hour show on "cars tv" about a recent mecum auction in california. a guy named steve vining was talking about his '63 avanti r-3 clone which apparently was going to be for sale. he said the avanti was in production for 2 years and the "vast majority of production was in 1963" with another 1200 odd cars "manufactured in 1964". he also talked about the "very small front disc brakes and the "old style rear drum brakes" and said you should be "very aware of the guy in front of you". he said his car was not originally an r-3 but was speced out to that and that studebaker only shipped about a dozen r-3's from the factory. amazing what you can learn from a tv show. all these years of avanti ownership and i thought production ended in december, '63 and there were only 9 real r-3's. also i need to reconsider my braking abilities; i always thought any of my avantis stopped quite well, even now and certainly in 1977 when i purchased my 1st one. (which i still have). never too old to learn?
  7. any real world experience replacing stock '63 p/w mechanisms with nu-relics? i want to reuse my original switches. my original pieces have been "improved", (maybe), by additional added welded pieces but i'm not sold on them ever working as they should. thanks
  8. google is your friend; available on amazon and other places. excellent thing to have when you ask a lot of avanti questions!
  9. call me any evening, vermont time. i'm starting to sell off much that i've accumulated over the last 45 years. i can help. 802-492-3440.
  10. very hard to come by, original portfolio of the aesthetic features and facts of the 1963 avanti. perfect condition. $350.00, firm plus actual shipping george perry, vermont, 802-492-3440
  11. new roto-faze distributor, model srs8p, s#9448, complete and perfect, $495.00 '64 avanti am/fm radio, working when removed years ago, $695.00 one pair, nos mufflers, #1560065 stamped on them, $200.00 two prestolite alternators, (ace 5003-2u) $175.00 each, one missing tag, available from s.i. two used workshop manuals, used, $35.00 each chassis & body parts catalog, used, $35.00 '63 studebaker (avanti) parts catalog, used, printed 7/1962, $50.00 two complete blower assemblies, one avanti, one lark, $5000.00 each all prices firm , plus actual shipping costs. george perry, vermont call 802-492-3440 evenings for any questions
  12. i have a restored tank, not sure how i would ship it to finland.
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