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Drive belts for the '83 Avanti II


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1983 Avanti II with A/C and power steering on the 305 engine. Can anyone provide part numbers/sources for the four belts on this engine?  

Looks like AC compressor, power steering, alternator, and air pump below the alternator.


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I would try a listing for the GM305 engine in a Camaro of that year.  Be aware there are versions of the 305 that use a "long" water pump which would change the vertical profile of the belt drive. The Avanti AFAIK does not use a long water pump.   If you have some success, post the belt numbers here so they can be logged and for future reference.  Thx

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Two of the belts do have numbers but they must be old Avanti #s and at least online for NAPA, AA, etc. I could find no matches and by googling the two numbers (B120 and B137) (Gates and Dayton came up), the belts that came up were 123"' and 140" long. In fact one of the belts has it clearly stamped Avanti II (must be a very old belt). But I'm just now getting into this and eventually will find alternatives. I just figured this information would be readily available.

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OK, with the Gates Numbers provided by Lou, these are all available at O'Reilly's by the Gates Number. I looked up an interchange number for NAPA and here they are (I confirmed width and length).

Gates 7370 equates to NAPA NBH 257370

Gates 7445 equates to NAPA NBH 257445

Gates 7335 equates to NAPA NBH 257335

Gates 7545 equates to NAPA NBH 257545.

So NAPA just adds the NBH 25 to the basic part number.

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