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Source for early Avanti 2 brake distribution block?


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I would like to replace the brake distribution block on my '71 Avanti. It hangs on a bracket just beneath the master cylinder.

It doesn't appear to do much except provide a warning light if either the front brakes or the rear brakes lose pressure (hydraulic leak)

Mine has become very corroded, and I'm pretty certain the warning light switch does not function. When I tried to remove that switch, it fell apart.

I checked Stude Intl catalog and did not find it listed; haven't tried any other vendors as yet.

I did a lot of searching, and came up with a distribution block used on 1967 to 1969 Camaros that looked like a dead ringer for mine.

No other manufacturers seemed to have one that appeared even close to mine.

I ordered it. But, on looking closer when I went to install it, I found that the Camaro block has an extra hole in the back (that side was not shown in the photos I saw).

Not a big issue, that outlet can be blocked off.

But, the outlet hole for the brake line going to the rear cylinders was almost imperceptably smaller so the line to the rear brakes cannot be connected.

That's a show stopper. Even if I bend lines and do some sort of adapter pipe, my fear is the size differential could affect braking balance between front & rear.

Anyone know where to get the correct block?


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