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Rear Brake shoe wear


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I’m going through the rear brakes on my 63 Avanti. I notice on both sides on the front shoes the lower section has way more wear than the top. Is this typically an adjustment issue? The rear shoes are both wearing evenly.

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The Avanti rear brakes are self centering not the more common self energizing design. The front shoe does more of the braking when rotating  forward. This is why the longer lining goes to the front and is called the forward shoe and the shorter lining goes to the rear and is called the reverse shoe. 
On the self energizing design the shorter lining ( primary ) goes on the front and the longer (secondary ) lining goes on the rear. The secondary lining does most of the braking.  

The forward shoe/lining wants to rotate with the drum but is stopped by the solid anchor at the bottom this will cause the bottom to wear faster than the top.

It is common for the shoes to be installed with the short lining in the front ( like they would be for self energizing  brakes ) this will cause the front lining to wear even faster.  

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