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Upholstery/seat foam


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I know, Dwight. It’s hard to admit but sometimes you just have to give in. I actually have a set of nos foam for a bucket seat. Still feels pretty good and it will work well for a pattern.

Honestly though, you’re old enough to remember the right interior color, grain, vinyl weight and sheen. I’m pretty certain you would prefer the exact component you remember. If I never saw, sat in or felt the original I would accept about anything close. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

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I agree, Nels.  From what I have heard modern foam is better than the original stuff and is out of sight anyway.  When I have my Avanti's seats reupholstered I'll have new foam made.  Modern foam might be more comfortable too.  I have a set of NOS Claret Red bucket seat covers to have installed.


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