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6 Avantis in Gorham, Maine


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Not my cars, I just know of them and am helping out. They are not very far from Sebago Lake.

I just went to check out some Avantis, looking for pieces I'd like to use on my current project. There are some interior aspects I'd like to revert back to Studebaker appearance. I didn't see anything my car could use but the owner would like to offload some cars and I was approved to post here. Many cars need lots of devotion but one Avanti is close to being a driver. If I was done with my Mid-Ohio tribute I would buy one and work towards my [stroked RS1021/locked up Dana 44/63R-1025] with World Class T5 manual swap clone.

1964 Avanti for $4500.
In the link's photos you'll see a couple fleeting views of a red 1959 Silver Hawk which is also available for $5500.
Dave prefers phone contact and his number appears in this CL link. Click the blue "show contact info" oval in the ad.

1979 Avanti II. It's white with a moonroof, and is $3500

1963 Avanti body only, is $1000

1963 Avanti R1 in turquoise over turquoise $8500 [This one is nearly driver quality]

1963 Avanti R2 no motor is $2000

1963 Avanti (faded) gold R2. With matching engine and everything for $6000

In addition to the 1959 Silver Hawk above, he has a 1963 Hawk for $6000.


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I only asked him if I could give more traffic by posting his ad here. Call him if you're interested. Dave is a super nice guy who will talk your ears off if you want. His cup o' tea are Corvettes, C1 & C2 especially. I think he has like (5) 1953-1955 Corvettes in various stages of completion.

You can see the body only car (being held up by a Model A frame); that's the Avanti behind the red one. The faded gold one is also seen in the distance. I know he would make a package deal to take 5 of the 6 (all the parts cars) in one fell swoop. The turquoise over turquoise runs but needs a little work to make it a driver.

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Hi Geoff..... I spotted the Avantis while driving on Rt 114 on my way to Bridgton...I stopped, however no one was home, so I did not venture into the backyard...I did look over the turquoise '63 R1 (which was parked out front)....Aside from missing its front bumper Assy, and needing left fender repairs  it looked to be a solid, driveable piece..with a good turquoise 'Deluxe' interior needing a good cleaning..It has an auto trans...Ed

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Wanted to post an update. Dave has posted more details about these cars for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Again, not my cars but helping him by passing on the word.


I'd love one of those project R2s; that would become my #25 homage.

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