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What Carburetor?


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I'm having an R-3 Type engine built for my '63.  It won't have the larger R-3 heads but will have heads modified with bigger intake valves.  I'll be using R-3 exhaust manifolds, 2 1/4" exhausts, R-3 cam grind specs, and high output pullies on the Paxton blower.  My question is what car to stuff into the air box to get the most out of the set up?  The rear axel ratio (T/T) is 4.09 and I'm using a five speed transmission.

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You might call Summit Racing’s Tech Line and discuss it with them.  They’ll give you solid recommendations as to carburetor recommendations.  Be prepared to provide all the specs of the engine you’re building…cam specs…expected horsepower, etc.  

You can also call the techs at Edelbrock…they’ll give you recommendations as well but will be promoting their products but the Performer carbs are modern updates of the Carter AFB Studebaker used…so there’s some DNA there plus it might be a better fit for the R3 air box.  

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