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A/C vents spitting water

Ron Dame

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Thea, my 1980, has air conditioning again, after repairing leaks and a bad TXV, with a conversion to R134a. I'm still running the A6 compressor and original condenser, pressures look normal for any given temp and at 90F ambient ( probably higher in the garage and under the hood) the vent temp is mid to upper 40's, though my thermometer isn't that easy to read.

Now it spits water, only from the side/ ankle vents. The console vents are dry. I thought it was the drain hose, but it, and the nipple are clear, and oddly dry, though admittedly only in the garage after servicing and not driving. A puff of compressed air didn't seem to move any trash away, as the problem still exists.


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If my memory is correct the side vents are for input/return air to the fan to push the coil and out.  It may be only condensation from start up. Does it clear out once the the car cools off. Need to take it for a ride to see if it clears or is it another problem. If continues need to remove the dog house(side panels) to explore the source of the water. 

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In my 82 model, the side vents are covered with the thin foam sheet just like the center outlet.  This is to help insure that any condensation is restricted so it will drop down to the evaporator base and drain out thru the drain tube.  If yours is missing the foam sheet, then this will need to be fixed.  The intake for the A/C evaporator is the blower motor housing which connects to the passenger side panel.

If I were in your shoes, I'd remove both side panels (with the small vents) and the center panel that contains the switches.  (Remove the switches from the panel so you can still operate the system)  Test #1 would be to pour water into the front coil to see if the it drains out of the drain. This will confirm that the drain is working.  If it isn't draining, then you need to figure out what the problem is.  If the drain is actually working, then Test #2 would be to run the A/C at Max Cool, Med Speed Fan and watch to see what is happening.

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