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  1. I think I need to replace the steering box gear.
  2. Yes it had a blown 305 when I bought it. Replaced it with a crate 350. I wish that I had more funds at that time and replaced the 305 with an LS. Unfortunately I need to go through the controller (wife) to get funds. Next couple of years project is to tighten up on the steering and rebuild the front end. It still has plenty of get up and go!
  3. Yes on recaro seats. The door panel is leather including arm rest. I do not have a build sheet.
  4. Dayton wire wheels. Still manufactured when I checked 3 years ago
  5. I gave up and took it to a respected body shop. Not perfect but much better than I could do.
  6. Mine was under dash around fuse panel. Lots of wires. Box about 3”x4” 1/2” thick.
  7. My 1983 had a UNGO alarm system. I could never figure it out and it was a constant pull on the battery. I had an alarm/audio guy rip it out.
  8. On my 1983 one is the Fog Lights and the other is the rear defrost. Neither is a momentary switch.
  9. Do you have a Napa part number?
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