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1963 Avanti Automatic Transmission Questions


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I took the filter out of the transmission. Got a new one. The new one has the screen on top, where the tubes go into it. The old one had the screen on the bottom. The parts manual shows it on top. Anyone know why the difference? Am I OK to put the new one in? Also, the parts manual shows an O ring on one of those tubes, there was no O ring when I took the filter off. Should I get an O ring???

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There is no O-ring at the bottom of the pickup tube as far as I know, nor on the Pressure regulator inlet. The swaged bead at the bottom of the tube is simply for locating purposes. The upside down screen will keep the mesh out of any muck that sits on the bottom of the pan. There is no magnet in the indentation but I suppose you might try placing one in there if you wish.

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