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Putting Engine and Transmission In Car


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I'm near done assembling the engine. Next I will attach the transmission to the engine. Should I do that? Or lower the transmission into the car, then hook the engine to it? Would it be easier to take the body off the frame? I tried 5 body bolts, and, each one of them broke free. Someone might have taken the body off previously. What would be  the easiest way to get the engine in?

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I don't know if there are other options, but this is what I did: I installed the engine without the box and clutch. After installation, I tilted the engine enough to get the clutch and bellhousung to engine (tilt engine because you reached the bellhousing top bolts). When the clucth is installed all the way and engine is totally installed - then the gearbox. The gearboxbox is placed in place by first tilting the back part over the frame (cross) and then the front end upwards. I find easier to do that without shifter and all other shifter parts. Those are easy to to install and adjust last.

Edit: According to the workshop manual, you can attach the clutch cover (bellhousing) to the engine before installing the engine in the car. I recommend getting the workshop manual, where you can find all the necessary information.
Remember to center the cluch plate with special tool. Also would help if
you you machine the pilot bushing so that the visible end has a short chamfer. This is not neccessary but helps to install gearbox shaft.


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