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1981 AC Upgrade/Conversion 134a


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Hi folks.

Upcoming project is refitting the AC of the 81 to 134a.  Before I start randomly tearing things apart, does anyone know of an existing guide or spec sheet or anything on the 79-81 Avanti AC components or what suitable replacement upgrades may be?  Anyone on here post a thread on doing 134a conversions on the RQB's ?  Obviously the compressor I can swap out easily.  there are a number of aluminum new ones that just bolt on perfectly.  I'm thinking this one or similar:

21-2201SH | Compressor | Pro6TEN | Super Heat Style | Single Groove

But the other things, the expansion valve and evaporator and whatever else... what does anyone suggest and where is it all for access and removal?  Is everything in the console?

Finally, how does one access the condenser up front?  does the radiator have to come out?  or is there a better easier way?  Thanks all


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2 hours ago, John Brissette said:

You posted this in the '63/'64 Avanti area.  Since you have a '81, I think you would get a better response if you posted it in the '65-'83 Avanti area. Members that follow the year range of '65-'83, will have better hands on experience, and should be able to answer your question.

Good Luck,


Ah crap.  how did that happen?  thanks for the heads up.  

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