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Heater Air Filter Location?


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On my 81, the heater fan makes noise but there is almost zero airflow, even on High.  So figured I would start with the basics and look for clogged ducts.  The workshop manual for the Studes shows an air filter on the passenger side, but I see no such thing anywhere.  Where on the later Avanti's with AC is that intake and filter?  Or does it not exist?

On a general note, is there a way to troubleshoot the fan and ducts without pulling apart the entire heater core assembly?  And is there a good step by step on doing that somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have a early Avanti II ('69) so it might be different. I took the duct and motor apart, cleaned all parts, lubed the bearings. No change, still a lot of noice and almost no wind. To get there, the dash has to come out and the heater core drained. It is a real pain.

btw: the filter should be reached from the bottom and sits on the far right in the car. So, against the right wall of the car in the heating duct.

If someone knows a good replacement for the blower motor, I'm interested.

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