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steve remick

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I have a question and I don't have the answer.

Why didn't Avanti have the Sunvisor that would swivel from right to left for the driver and left to right for the passenger?

I know that there wasn't much to the 63 & 64 Sunvisor to make it work.

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While maybe not a specific answer, there are several reasons why. Sherwood Egbert hated sun visors and didn't want any at all, but engineers did come up with those small visors that really didn't make anyone happy with their usefulness...better than none at all but little more. Maybe it was a cost thing as to why they don't rotate to the side. To be fair, I doubt if all other cars of the era has sun visors that rotated, bit it's out of character with a car of the Avanti's price range.

As far as Avanti Motors Corporation, they simply continued to use the original Studebaker design as they had the parts in inventory and it was a money saver not to have to design and build a new design. After Avanti Motors ran out of the original they simply added a new style visor that used the original mounts and didn't rotate either. These were definitely a better design but still didn't swivel. Again...likely a cost decision. At least one automotive review mentioned the lack of a swiveling sun visor and it should be in a car of the Avanti's cost and market segment.

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