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Wiper Fluid Reservoir Removal?


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Hi Guys.

The latest discovery is that my washer fluid reservoir has a crack and leak on one of the bottom corners.  I can probably fix it, but not sure how to remove the tank.  Clearly the plastic is old and I don't want to destroy it in the process if i can help it.  I dont see any obvious way it is held down so maybe it just pops in and out of some pressure mount holes, but i dont want to pull until i know for sure there isnt anything else holding it down or some underbody pin or clamp I have to undo that I don't see.

Any advice?  And also, if it proves to be unworthy of repair, recommendations on replacement tank vendors?  thanks in advance.

UNRELATED UPDATE:  The Quadrajet now idles and the car legit drives without stalling!  Woot!


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6 hours ago, Avanti83 said:

IIRC there are threaded studs on the bottom of the reservoir that are accessed from under the dash.

Thanks!  are there 2 of them?  I can sort of see one so far.  I'll dig further!

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UPDATE: several contortions later, got it out.  really hard to reach that second bolt above the steering column!

Not sure if a repair is possible, since HDPE is so notoriously difficult to bond.  But I might give it a go before buying a replacement tank.


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