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'Avanti ll Only!'


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Can anyone name nine "this car is a Studebaker" items that Nate Altman had to eliminate from the Studebaker Avanti before he released his Avanti ll ?

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1. Blacking out the Studebaker "S" insert on the hood.

2. Cover up the Studebaker Corporation with a woodgrain decal on the horn center.

3. Replace the Studebaker script on the trunk lid with Avanti II.

4. Cover up the Studebaker "S" emblem located between the rear seat backs.

5. Black out the Studebaker "S" emblem on the sail panel emblems.

6. Use a radio that didn't say "Studebaker" on it.

7. Change the serial number plate to say Avanti Motor Corporation and eliminate the Studebaker marked serial number plate on the frame rail.

8. Change seat belts to one without the Studebaker decal on them.

9. On a/c equipped cars, the Studebaker "S" on the a/c console panel was drilled through and one of the a/c control knobs mounted there to cover it.

There's probably more but that's what I could come up with off the cuff.

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Wow!...That really is a 'thorough' job Gunslinger!.....The only other one that I had, and I'm not sure if Altman really eliminated it or not, was the tire warning decal inside the glove box.....That had 'STUDEBAKER' on it too!

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I downloaded the tire warning decal, photoshopped it to say "Avanti" in place of "Studebaker", printed it and attached it in the same place in the glove box of my '70. I didn't think of that decal being eliminated at all.

I considered the Studebaker "S" marked windshield washer bag, but I think they used it as-is with no attempt to eliminate the "S".

I'm sure there's some other items we haven't thought of.

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