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Convertible top pump


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I know that Avanti convertibles are pretty rare, but I was shocked to not find any references to the hydraulic pump for the convertible top.  Maybe I didn't find the magic tag word.

While repairing the quarter window of my 1988 convertible, I found a small (just an ooze) leak of hydraulic fluid at the point where the hydraulic line enters the ram in the quarter window well.  I tightened the brass fitting and didn't see more leaking after putting the top up and down a couple of times.

When putting the top back up, I had been noticing that it tends fall/smack the windshield header as it approaches that area.  Is this normal/expected?  In case it was due to low hydraulic fluid, I searched for the pump, finding it below the cover board in the folded top area behind the back seat.  Picture attached.  I didn't see any obvious reservoir for fluid, but only see the little rubber plug at the end of the cadmium colored end.  Is that for adding fluid?  What kind of hydraulic fluid is specified?


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yes, that is the fill location. 
power steering fluid is fine for the system.

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