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Avanti story...is this car still around?...


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Yesterday evening I was at a friend's house...I know him from being members of the same Corvette club locally. We have other things in common...we're both former federal law enforcement officers so we had lots to talk about.

He was a Deputy US Marshal and was talking about different experiences...he was telling me about a case where he was given an Avanti to drive for a while. Since he's unaware I have Avantis he asked if I knew what one was. It was a case where someone who owned a horse farm and was busted for drug trafficking that the government applied for asset forfeiture. The defendant happened to have a new Avanti and his bosses didn't want the car sitting where it could be vandalized or in some impound lot they issued him the car to use until the forfeiture actions were completed.

He said he enjoyed the car and his son really liked it. But...eventually the car had to go...I assume for auction.

I don't know any more details...I'm guessing this occurred in the 1980's or maybe early 1990's as he's been out of that life for some time now.

This just makes me wonder if this car still exists...whether someone here has or knows someone who bought a near-new Avanti at a government auction in the Washington, DC area during that time period.

Just an interesting story. I'd just like to know "the rest of the story".

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I'll bet this Avanti ll does indeed still exist....but the chances of whoever owns it seeing your post are probably somewhat slim. (One never knows though,...Anyone who owns, or someday WILL own, an Avanti will no doubt discover this AOAI FORUM sooner or later!).....This is one reason I keep mentioning the AOAI FORUM (and AVANTI TRIVIA) on the SDC FORUM.

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