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Special Avanti?


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The Straman prototype convertible conversion.

YES!,,,,RQB-3370 (a regular 1977 (?) Avanti coupe that was traded in) was shipped to Straman in Florida by Avanti Motors for the first convertible conversion.

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John Hull's book states RQB3370 was a 1982 model and was sales manager Charles Solliday's factory demo car. The book also states the other prototype was a 1970 model...by serial number only eight cars behind my '70. I've seen several sources give different model years for the prototype cars...1978, 1982, 1970 and 1977. If Hull's book is authoritative due to John's intimate involvement with Avanti Motors over the years, he must have correct serial numbers...I know RQB1584 is a 1970 car and RQB3370 is an '82.

I read it in a book so it must be true! :unsure:

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