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Burke Avanti


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Hmmmm!...I don't know Ischuc,...There's a clear photo of the car in an older 'AVANTI MAGAZINE' with 'SUNDANCE' written across the nose panel...I would have to say answer..TRUE!

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Here are a couple of pictures I received in 2006 when Bill Burke's Avanti was for sale by a man in Colorado who had owned it for a long time, but never raced it. The nose panel is painted in Burke's last incarnation: "California Sunrunner".

He eventually sold the former Burke Avanti to a member in San Diego, who allowed Dan Sallia to prepare the car for Bonneville for his Bucket List entry. Dan repainted the car in its current yellow and purple theme and renamed the Avanti.

It very well could have had the name "Sundance" at an earlier time. This Avanti had numerous paint schemes and engines throughout its life. Please let me know what magazine issue has the other photo withe the "Sundance" name

I ran a couple of these pictures in an article in 2007, Avanti Magazine Winter/Spring Issue #137, page 30.

See the name in a couple of photos I am attaching here.




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The car also ran under the name "California Sunshine" ,and ran under the name 'Terrible Turkey"




Bob's Studebaker Resource Website


1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1006 (EX-2143) 63R-1006 was built in South Bend and sent to the Engineering Department to be used for a variety of purposes. The tag EX-2143 was assigned by Engineering and as all "EX" cars, is affixed to the top frame rail near the steering box. It was used at Bonneville for speed trials and late in mid 1963 sold to Bill Burke Sr. of Petersen Publishing, who ran it and achieved many speed records. Other names in it's career were " the 229 car", "The Terrible Turkey", then later "The California Sunshine".

The current name on the car is "The Carolina Salt Shaker"

(The car is out in my shop right now)


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Ishuc, Avanti Magazine issue #78, (Fall-Winter 1991), has a clear front view of the Burke Avanti with 'SUNDANCE' written across the nose panel. It was then car #88, entered in the A/ALT class at Bonneville....Ed

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