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Another inexpensive Avanti update (for the trunk)...


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I have my rear package shelf out of the car so I can install a third brake light inside of the back glass. While I have the package shelf out I wanted to improve the trunk lighting. Rather than the single light bulb on the left side which doesn't illuminate much except right around it, I purchased two Pilot LED Plasma Lites, each 7" long from the local Pep Boys.

The lights are weatherproof and made in an aluminum housing. Pilot also makes lights in flexible strips but I wanted these brighter units. I installed them with their included double sided foam tape in the channel of the reinforcing bar under the package shelf. They also come with screws for an alternate method of securing them but they are quite secure this way. It's an easy install and wiring is basically removing the original trunk light and connecting to its wiring.

It's not reinstalled in the car yet but here's a photo of the underside unlit. The large hole is the opening for the rear window defogger which I removed to clean.


Here it is with the lights illuminated...


I'm quite sure that will adequately illuminate the trunk! Another advantage is they draw less current than the original light bulb, so time spent with the trunk lid open when at car shows won't draw as much power from the battery. They ask come in other colors but I wanted white for best illumination. One could also pick red to be more in line with the dash lighting.

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You really don't even have to take the package shelf out. You can just lie on your back and do it without much trouble. I have the shelf out to install a third brake light (which should be delivered this week). I'll have some pics of that install as well once it's done.

It also gave me the opportunity to clean and paint the grille for the defogger fan as it was faded and full of dust. I was able to clean up the motor as well.

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Here's the final thing...it's been installed and wired up. I decided to add a rocker switch between the mercury switch and the lights themselves. That way I can manually turn the lights off when the trunk is left open for hours at a car show but will still turn off by the mercury switch when closing the trunk even with the lights switched on by the manual switch. I used a rocker switch with a red LED that shows when it's powered. I installed in the left side hinge support.



The final proof of how much better this setup is was taken with and without flash at night...



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