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Trunk Mounted Stop Light Conversion


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I think that the 'factory' trunk mounted stop lights on My '85 are a good idea. (with the back up lamps relocated lower on either side of the license plate) I may set My '83 up like the '85 for reasons of safety. Think I'll check with Nostalgic to see if the red lenses (to replace the white ones) are still available.

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If Nostalgia doesn't have the red lenses, they show up fairly regularly on eBay. Another good addition is a third brake light mounted in the rear glass. I have a light to do that but haven't installed it yet on my '70. I plan on installing it by the time of the International Meet in Dover this summer.

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I'm fairly certain it was 1984 - my '85 has them on either side vertically right next to the license plate. I believe on 84 they were mounted directly to the rear bumper cover further to either side of the license plate.





James Espey

1985 Avanti RQB-4245


What year did the back up lights get moved to the license plate? 1984? 1985?

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