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I finally found one: 1973 Avanti for Christmas!


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After many months of searching, researching and bugging people, I finally settled on this 1973 Avanti II in Florida. I couldn't have found one any further away from Washington!

I had the car inspected by Mike Chernago, the vice president of the local club in the Orlando area, and he could find no faults with the car. In fact, he praised almost everything about it. We believe the car has 53K original miles on it, but it has been repainted and the interior has been redone and slightly modified. The current owner had problems with the original sunroof, tried to find parts from the original German manufacturer who told him "good luck"! So he had a Corvette specialty shop re-glass the entire opening and had a custom moonroof installed! (Not what I would have done, but it appears to be a very nice job.) Then he had them repaint the car.

He had the entire interior covered in a white and gray vinyl, and according to Mike, is expertly done.

The A/C has been upgraded with a modern compressor (Sanden, I believe) and since they were having some electrical gremlins, the car got a new wiring harness and a relocated, modern fuse box. The ignition has a modern HEI distributor, and all the gauges have been removed and re calibrated or replaced as needed. Except the clock. He replaced it once, but it still doesn't work!

Of course, the hog troughs are great and all the rubber weatherstripping has been replaced. The motor reportedly starts very easily, leaks no oil and goes like stink! Mike said it drove as well as any he has driven in the last 30 years.

Soooo, I just have to wait until it gets here now!

Follow the link for pictures!


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Looks like a beauty!

I especially like the fuses on the firewall, sure beats trying to troubleshoot problems while on your back under the dash.

That was definitely a selling point for me!
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A Merry Christmas indeed! Congratulations, you lucky dog! May reality be even better when you get it home. It's a good thing it doesn't have a stick shift, then I would be commiting the sin of envy to no end. Not that I am not on the edge there already.

To you and all the others on the forum, may you each have a Merry Christmas and a safe, successful and happy New Year!


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