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I don't think a schematic exists for a '76. Everyone works off the Studebaker schematic which won't show a trunk opener. I couldn't find any on Bob Johnstone's website either. You're pretty much on your own running down wiring. It may have an inline fuse rather than connected directly to the fusebox...maybe spliced into an existing circuit like interior or trunk lighting.

Try using a test light and see if the button is 1) getting current and 2) passing current through it when depressed. The same goes for the electric opener in the trunk...see if it's getting power when the button is depressed. You can at least isolate the problem to before the switch, the switch itself or after the switch.

Also...never forget to check grounds. On any fiberglass car electrical grounds are often a prime problem when something doesn't work.

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wiring diag for fusebox 76, trunk button dosent work

I have a set of diagrams that show what appears to be 2 near-identical fuse boxes side by side.

The trunk release is a 20 amp fuse at the lower left of the right-side fusebox (there's a hazard blinker at the top left of that fusebox,

a 10 amp fuse above the 20 amp fuse you are looking for, and a 20 amp fuse to it's right).

The cigar lighter, ignition key buzzer, console lights, trunk light, glove compartment light, and dome lights are on the same fuse as the trunk release.

It shows black wires from the fusebox to all of the above, including the trunk release switch in the glovebox,

and a blue wire between the trunk release switch and the trunk release solenoid, with a white wire from the trunk solenoid to ground.

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