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'89 Power Mirrors


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I got a pair of power mirrors from an '89 Avanti through Ebay last week to replace the Chrome AMC (too small) mirrors on my '76. Each of the mirrors had a wire lead with a 4 pin socket type connection. I have several questions regarding the mirrors for any '89 owners. First, where was the mirror adjustment switch located, on the driver's door panel? Does anyone have a picture of the switch on the door panel? Should I try to make the mirrors power adjustable, I'll have to come up with the electric cable for both door mirrors, switch, mounting bezel for the switch, etc. I did a quick email to Nostalgic and learned they don't have anything for an '89. Could these mirrors be GM? It would be nice to have them power adjustable, but I can live with manual adjustment also. The more streamlined look of the mirrors and larger mirror area were my main reason for getting the mirrors. The manual adjustment on my present driver side mirror is not that great and the right side has no adjustment, so I can live without the power feature of the new mirrors if I have to. I am curious if I could get the materials to get everything hooked up reasonably.

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