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Correct Bulb Specifications for '63 R2


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I am about to pull the dash, for some instrument R&R and would like to know:

I see two (2) different instrument bulb types specified as an "or". Is this a parts manual error? Was there in intra-year bulb change, when, and what was the correct bulb for the start of the '63 run?


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All the instruments use a number 57R bulb...simply a number 57 with a red coloring. I don't know what the "or" must mean...could be a manual misprint or an abbreviation that could mean you can use one number or another...just a guess.

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I recently had the same problem. S-I has two sizes. Luckily, I pulled one and had it handy when I called. When I was on the phone I told the young woman that the bulB was about 1/2 inch diameter. She went to check the part so I'd get the right one. (Or if not the "right" one the size that is in there currently).

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The larger 1/2" size bulbs are the 57R. and the ones in the overhead and console areas are 1445R.

Standard bulbs can be dyed with craft supply (Hobby Lobby, Michaels...etc) stained glass paint.

A transparent paint used in the "low cost" do-it-yourself stained glass painting kits.


P.S. hrhchazman offers to dye your bulbs reasonably.

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