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Need pics of '82 window washer reservoir setup


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A friend just purchased an '82 Avanti that's missing the window washer reservoir.

Can someone tell me the source of the original reservoir (model & year car)? I am thinking it may have come from a 79-82 Corvette, but I'm not certain.

If you don't know the source, could you post photos of yours in the car?

I'm attaching pics of a reservoir used in 79-82 Corvette.

corvette reservoir.jpeg

79-82 Corvette washer reservoir 2.jpeg

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Thanks very much for the pics Steve, I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

Kinda hard to believe it would be Avanti-only. But, it does seem to parallel the shape of the cowl in that area.

Do you know how it fastens to the cowl?

Does the tube go into the body through the same hole as the wiring harness?

Is there anything other than a short tube going from the cap to the bottom of the reservoir?

Do you know where the pump for the wiper fluid is located?


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On my 85 the pump is located on the passenger side of the wiper motor, it is a trico pump. mount bolt/screws are accessed from underside of instrument panel. Tube goes thru body into cowl air intake area to squirter  assembly.    Lou Cote

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I'm a little confused by the photo.... "the pump is located on the passenger side of the wiper motor"

passenger side is the right side of the car (of course) but I assume the pump in this pic is the cylinder to the right... so should the picture be rotated 180 degrees? And what is the red portion across the top of the pic?

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Have you had any luck finding a reservoir Wayne?  I agree with Steve that they were custom made for Avanti Motors.  (Studebaker used a vinyl bag hung on the right front inner fender.)  The one on my '82 leaks and I've been going to get under the dash and detach the reservoir, to see if it can be patched with a good waterproof glue.  I've been told that there aren't any new ones available

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Gene, thanks for reminding me, I need to update this thread. As I stated, I was asking the questions for a friend who recently purchased an '82 that was missing the reservoir.

I had suggested some vendors for him to call and he was slow getting around to it.... he did find and purchase a reservoir from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motorcars, for a fairly reasonable price considering the rarity. He said they do have more in stock. I have not personally seen his new reservoir, but he sounded pleased with it. I'll see if I can get photos to post here (he's not very tech-savvy, so I'm not sure he can send me photos).

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