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  1. The one in the block should power the gauge. I had to replace one laying in the snow in Colorado in winter years ago. The gauge was reading really low pressure and I was 800 miles from home so I didn’t want to chance it for the drive back. Replacing the sender fixed it.
  2. I believe that in 1987 the oil pressure sending units are on a boss on the engine block, right above the oil filter. A can shaped unit about 2” diameter and looks like this...
  3. It’s a 1987 that I’ve had since 1992. I had a 1960 model before that.
  4. Toys out for spring cleaning.
  5. I took a chance on the Lseat covers. It took about 4 weeks to get them. The back seat was a good fit but the front covers were patterned for a different model of Recaro. That made for a bit of alteration to get them to fit. The bolsters for the bottoms are a different shape and needed some repadding to fit. The inserts for the backs and bottoms were completely different. The bottoms required tailoring of the front and rear attachments. The backs required tailoring to narrow the top front. And the back inserts were basically remade from the disassembled parts plus some extra leather material that I bought separately. The headrest covers are a completely different shape and will have to be remade. It was a lot of effort on my part and required a bunch of hand and machine sewing. I would say that unless you have the exact model Recaro seats that Lseat.com has the pattern for, don’t do it if it is your first rodeo.
  6. Please note that the hose I got from Studebaker International was a direct replacement for the one I took out, 2 inch on one end and 2-1/4 inch on the other. If it lasts another 39 years, it will outlast me for sure.
  7. Thanks, got it on order now...
  8. Does anyone have a source and/or part number for the filler neck to fuel tank hose used for 1982 models? I decided to pull the fuel tank access panel to check and replace the rubber fuel and vent lines since I have the seats out to install new seat covers. I have everything but that pesky filler hose and I don’t want to put it back together without a new hose installed. The old one is cracked and dry...and seeps enough to smell up the interior if the tank is topped up too much. Thanks in advance. Steve
  9. I thought that this topic had been addressed earlier, but I can't seen to find it anywhere. Sorry if it is a duplicate. The leather on my seats is dry and cracking beyond all attempts to rejuvenate with saddle soap, mink oil, leather treatments, etc. Not horrible, but not up my standards. The door panels, dash and headliner are okay. A victim of the Florida sun before I bought the car, I'm afraid. That said, I have planned to contact Lseat.com for leather replacement covers for the Recaros up front and for the back bench. They show two different front seat cover styles. The one they call for 1980 looks closer to what I have than what they call for 1981-1982. I believe that Avanti only offered two different Recaro seat styles. The ones in mine have the adjustable under thigh bolster. Also they show back bench covers with head rests. My car has no rear seat head rests. I can post photos, but that is beside the point for this post. The two patterns that Lseat.com have were provided by Avanti owner customers in the past, so I am curious if either or all are members of this forum. There are both horrible and good reviews for Lseat.com online. At their price point, I am willing to take a chance but would like to hear from actual Avanti owners who have installed their covers, and what style Recaros they had to provide patterns to Lseat.com. Thanks, Steve
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