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Born in the SF Bay Area. Best friend in Junior High's family owned Ben A Begier Studebaker Packard Mercedes dealership. Grew up riding in a 51 Champ 2 door, and learned to drive in a 58 Provencial wagon. First car a 1960 Hawk, second a 64 GT, and 3rd Avanti R3 Prototype 63R-1025. Owned a 64 Wagoneer, a 56 Flight Hawk, a 53 Land Cruiser, and a couple of Hawk chassis. Brothers Doug and Bryan also owned multiple Studebakers including a 56 Golden, a 63 Wagoneer with disk brakes, bucket seats and a 4 speed, a number of Avanti's including 1 convertible. At one time or another over 14 between us. A couple of weeks ago I also got 1971 RQB-1703, a 4 speed with A/C

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