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  1. Anyone have an idea of what a full set of excellent condition a/c 3521 wire wheel covers and clips might be worth these days?
  2. On page B-50 of the authenticity manual it says the correct placement is on the power steering bracket, on page B-54 it says it is bolted to the engine block?
  3. mox

    Avanti R4269!

    Was it the chassis for the first Excalibur?
  4. Early Avantis had the liner on the drivers side only. It was added to the passenger side later in production. Studebaker International has both pieces.
  5. Hi Dunkin, the additional cowl grille was added to Studebaker production at serial 4892 along with a host of other changes associated with the 64s. I believe the openings in the front fenders for the turn signals was different as well, larger I think.
  6. The battery box was changed to accommodate a regular size battery and the cowl had the additional opening added for interior cooling.
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