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  1. I have a new, never-mounted Firestone 721 Steel Belted Radial Tire for sale. It is size P205/75R15. Still has the little rubber nubbs and factory printing on the tread. It would make the perfect "just in case" spare if you already have a set of these Firestone 721's on your car.

    I bought this new to be a matching spare for the tires on my Avanti, and then wound up never using it. It has been stored in a tire bag in a dark, climate-controlled area (my basement!) since new.

    Just $50. Can ship for only $9 to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North or South Dakota and Nebraska. Actual cost of shipping to other U.S. locations. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PHOTOS. John in Wisconsin

  2. This never-used Avanti "Welcome" metal sign measures 14" x 6". It comes in its original packaging. This Avanti "Welcome" sign would look great by a door in a home or garage, or as a interior display item. It is manufactured from very heavy metal. It is finished in black, but a guy (or gal) could always paint the Avanti itself to match one of his or her cars. Studebaker International sold these years ago, but they are no longer available.

    As part of this "package", I'm including a three-color, cloisenne Avanti hat pin as a bonus. So, the buyer gets both the Avanti "Welcome" sign and the Avanti hat pin for just $35, plus shipping. Post here or email me, if you'd like to make the purchase. I have just this one. Thanks for looking. John






  3. I have a nice, used Avanti car cover for sale. This car cover has been used inside a finished garage in the past, and is in good condition.

    The cover is made of soft green cotton and poly material. It is "no shrink", when it comes to washing and drying. It is designed for indoor use only, and does a good job of keeping the dust and other stuff in the air off your treasure. I believe this cover has been slit for the radio antenna on the left rear fender (although it has been awhile since it has been out of the box).

    This car cover currently costs about $165 new....but you can buy my gently-used one for just $65, plus the actual cost of shipping.

  4. I have a new-in-box, 15" Flex-A-Lite Fiberglass Engine Cooling Fan for sale. I bought nifty unit in the 1970's as a spare for my '63 Avanti(and wound up not using it). This fan enables you to lessen the weight on the water pump bearing and snout, by eliminating the original fan clutch and heavy metal fan.

    Great green and white fiberglass look. Never mounted. Comes with factory box, instuctions, and bag with mounting washers and an original Flex-A-Lite display decal. This old-look style hasn't been made by Flex-A-Lite for many years. Any spacers you might need to move the fan into your shroud "sweet spot" are still available from the factory, or from Summit Racing.

    Just $50, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John in Wisconsin



  5. I have some red and black (salt and pepper) Avanti carpet remnants for sale as a group. I bought these pieces years ago to do some door and kick panel bottoms, and an area under the driver's feet. I wound up selling the car and never got around to using this carpet. The car's new owner thought the carpeting in the Avanti looked fine, and didn't want these remnants.

    Here is some size information of these remnants:

    1. The smallest piece, as shown in the lower right of the photo, is 24" long by 11" wide (9" wide at its narrowest).

    2. The next largest piece, as shown in the upper right of the photo, is 61" long by 14" wide (6" wide at its narrowest).

    3. The largest piece, as shown on the left side of the photo, is 103" long by 22" wide (7" wide at its narrowest).

    NOTE: Disregard any white specks or larger whiteish circular shapes shown on the carpet photo. My camera lens was dirty! These marks are NOT on the carpet pieces.

    The total price for this group of three remnants is $55, plus the actual cost of shipping.

    Thanks for looking. John in Wisconsin


  6. I have a complete, 3-piece 1963 Avanti Glovebox literature set available. I also have a December, 1963 Avanti Parts Book for sale. ALL items are original.

    1. 1963 Avanti Owner's (glovebox) Manual. This is a good original manual. It has a big Avanti logo embossed on the cover, as are the words "By Studebaker". There is also a small picture of the '63 Avanti shown in the lower right of the front cover. The cover of the manual is a little dirty here and there. I believe talcum powder or a soft art gum eraser would do a nice clean-up. It appears to be just light "dirt" on the cover, not grease. The cover isn't bad, it just isn't mint (and I'm pretty picky!). The interior pages are all fine.

    2. 1963 Avanti Accessories Catalog. This particular catalog has NOT been reproduced. This one, of course, is an original. Very good overall condition, with no dog-eared pages.

    3. 1963 Avanti Glovebox Organizer. This is the original plastic pouch that the owner's manual and accessories catalog are stored in in the glovebox. It has a blue "Avanti by Studebaker" imprint on the clear plastic front. All the plastic is good, with not split edges or corners. The blue Avanti logo imprint has some wear on a few of the letters from being pushed around in the glovebox over the years.

    4 1963 Avanti Parts Book. Again, this is an original, not a reproduction. The quality of all of the detailed parts illustration photo plates seems to be clearer in an original book, compared to the reproductions. My original is clean and in good condition throughout. The only problem is found on the outside back cover. For whatever reason, some of the black ink background is simply missing. I can't explain what happened to the outside back cover! The book was like this when I got it. If you are looking for a show display parts book, this one isn't for you. But, if you simply looking for an original parts book that is totally serviceable, this one will be just fine.

    Just email me at friendlyfinanceco@yahoo.com for photos of any of these items, or to purchase.

    Pricing: Items #1, 2, and 3 (priced as a group) are $90 total, plus shipping. Item #4 (the original Avanti parts book) is $45, plus shipping.

    Thanks for looking. John in Wisconsin



  7. Good advice, Rich. I would like to add a suggestion or two for the new owner of Grandpa's Avanti, based on my experiences from 40 some years in the old car hobby. I would FIRST get the car running and driving....without much thought to where you want to wind up with the car. Get the car to the point of being able to go down the road with it, even if the exterior and the interior look like heck....and even if you later have to pull the engine back out, because you eventually decide you want a super-looking engine and engine compartment.

    Also, Mr. Avanti Owner: Avoid at all costs disassembling the car now, regardless of your vison for your Avanti in the future. With only the guy at the muffler shop to help you, and possibly limited mechanical ability and funds yourself.... this is a possible heartbreak waiting to happen. We've all seen "special" cars that have been sitting in someone's garage for years and years, mostly apart in little boxes....because a person started to restore the car all at once.

    My last suggestion is for you to immediately join the Avanti Owners Association International AND the Studebaker Driver's Club, if you haven't already done so. The publications, website help forum (especially the SDC), parts vendors and personal contacts will be invaluable to you as an Avanti owner. Call me at 715-341-6188, if you want to talk about things. Best, John in Wisconsin

  8. Please scroll down to check out the entire list of early Avanti parts I have for sale.

    First, are original used TRICO bright stainless steel wiper blade holders. These are "no longer available" units. Many times the original bright ones have been replaced by newer brushed stainless blade holders. As you know, these look like heck when mounted to the original bright stainless wiper arms. These original, used Avanti bright stainless wiper blade holders are priced at $50 per pair. They look good to use "as is" on a nice driver Avanti....but would have to be buffed if you have a super show car.

    I also have one pair of these original TRICO bright stainless steel wiper blade holders that I have had professionally buffed. These could go on the very best show Avanti a person would have. These are priced at $105 for the pair. (I have about $67 in cost just to have both blade holders buffed.) These are really nice!

    I can also supply fresh correct, stainless steel-backed (not plastic-backed) rubber wiper blade inserts for these original holders at $10 per pair. I had to hunt and hunt to find the correct, steel-backed inserts.

    Here are some other things I have for 1963-64 Avanti:

    --Set of original Avanti steel wheels, sandblasted, primed and then professionally painted the correct off-white color. Fresh...no tires have been mounted on them, since painting. $80 each.

    --New rear crossmember (the one that goes across the back of the frame and always rusts out!). Epoxy primed. You salvage your old center "tab" that welds to the center. This new rear crossmember is just $35. I do have a good, used center tab available, if you don't want to mess with your old one. This used original tab is $10.

    --New third brake light. This is an excellent safety feature that all Avanti owners should consider. The third brake light was incorporated into many Avanti II's. However, many 1963-64 Avanti owners are now installing these. I only have one of these new units left. It is a fairly small completely-contained LED third brake light that mounts inside the car at the center bottom of the Avanti rear window. This third brake light has its own swivel mounting bracket, so it can be affixed to the proper position inside the car. Includes wiring. Only $19

    --NOS air filter element for R2 engine cars. $15

    --New Avanti workshop manual. This is a great one....it is an exact reprint of the original Stude Avanti shop manual, but is spiral bound so that it lays flat when open. This makes it a lot easier to use. The paper stock is also quite a bit heavier than the original, so it is very durable. Again, this manual has never been used. Priced at $50

    --I also have a good used, original Avanti parts book, and probably have a decent used, original owner’s manual (glove box unit).

    --Some new remnants of Avanti red and black "salt and pepper" carpet. I can measure the sizes if someone is interested.

    All the prices above are "plus shipping". Happy to send photos of anything listed. Please contact me at friendlyfinanceco@yahoo.com. Thanks. John in Wisconsin

  9. Thanks for the direct email address, Paul. I'll contact you this afternoon with all the info. Best, John in Wisconsin

    Dear John,

    No, I did not receive your email. Try sending to me again at paulie@consolidated.net .

    Please send me your name, address, and the price you want including shipping charge to me at 5106 Hamlet Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044.

    Thanks again,

    Paul D. Eikenbary

  10. Hi. I have several very good, original TRICO bright stainless steel wiper blade holders available. These are the correct 15" ones in the shiny finish for our 1963 and 1964 Avantis. They are good used ones that I acquired many years ago. Please post here or email me at friendlyfinanceco@yahoo.com, if you are interested. Thanks. John in Wisconsin

  11. I have a new, never-mounted Firestone 721 Steel Belted Radial Tire for sale. It is size P205/75R15. Still has the little rubber nubbs and factory printing on the tread.

    I bought this new to be a matching spare for the tires on my 1963 Avanti, and then wound up never using it. It has been stored in a tire bag in a dark, climate-controlled area (my basement!) since new. Just $50, plus the actual cost of shipping. John





  12. Hi, Gang. I have the following Avanti items for sale: Spiral bound 1963 Avanti workshop manual. Great to use while working on your Avanti, since it lays flat. Heavy paper, 350 pages, quality reprint. $50. 1963-1985 Avanti new rear frame cross member, epoxy primer, use your old center mounting bracket, $50. 1963-1985 Avanti used rear frame cross member center mounting bracket, needs trimming and clean-up, $10. All prices, plus shipping. Contact me for answers to any questions. Just click on the thumbnail pictures to see bigger photos. Thanks. John, 715-341-6188. (Wisconsin)




  13. Hi, Gang. I fear I've encountered a problem common to our Avantis. My 1963 driver's seat assembly (seat and track) front mounting bolts will not back out. It appears some kind of captured nut inside the fiberglass floor has broken loose on both of these front mounting bolts, so the bolts just spin. Is there any advice, a procedure, or a trick a member can share with me for getting these bolts out?

    I already have the front seat mounting repair "kit" from Classic Enterprises on hand. However, I've got to get these mounting bolts out first! Thanks for any help. John in Wisconsin

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