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  1. Nice to know stuff! Thanks
  2. Wow, ouch, ouch, ouch, and it was dated 2015! Can't imagine what the cost would be today. Thanks for your response!
  3. Ouch! Thanks for response
  4. Looking at a car that needs a lot of interior work, is material available? Also, what are the different interior trim levels? I only had an Avanti ll once, and I know the originals are a lot different. Thanks
  5. Thanks to all, Mox on the battery and cowl opening are you talking about the Avanti ll? Thanks
  6. What is that number for, I understand that the VIN number is on the frame under the blower motor, is that correct? Thanks
  7. Are original A/C compressors hard to come by? Thanks
  8. I don't have one these, but it almost sounds like a tank vent problem.
  9. When I first got into this car stuff as a teenager, I built a Henry J hot rod, I installed a full set of Stewart Warner gages in it. Thanks for advice.
  10. Thanks to all, the reason I asked some of the cars I have been looking at in my search have the chrome trim rings in bad shape, and some have gauges don't work.
  11. Since I am looking to purchase one these cars are there any replacement gauges available, or places that can repair them? Thanks
  12. 1. What does the original 4 speed shifter look like, and what does the original headliner look like? Thanks
  13. In my hunt for 1963-64, are there new original or reproduction steering wheels available? If not, someplace that rebuilds them? Thanks
  14. What is a good book on the 63-64 Avanti's? Thanks
  15. Gee thanks, way beyond my age limitations, I did a lot of cars in this shape when I was younger!!!
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