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  1. I myself like to run at least two lbs higher in the front where there is more weight.
  2. Thank you for your help, it is a 63 car and I couldn't find 84 AC 3286 on there. Thanks, again
  3. Is there a list out there what the option number codes mean? Thanks
  4. Try looking in Hemmings Services Offered.
  5. Inverted, that is interesting. I guess there is a factory spec that shows how high the body should sit in the rear of the car, and a place to take the measurement. thanks for your input.
  6. I think I did something similar.
  7. Thanks, I changed a set out in my 78 Avanti ll when I had it, what a job getting the front bolts out.
  8. Has anyone purchased a car as stated above? Sounds like it would be risky. Thanks
  9. Thanks to all, I was getting close to getting one, then this war crap and gas prices hit. I might have to get a good book on Avanti Restorations and read for a while.
  10. What should the correct arch on the leaf springs be? I was looking at a car that they are totally straight. Thanks
  11. Still looking, hard to find a car that isn't a mess or costs a fortune. If anyone comes across anything let me know. Thanks
  12. Thank you for response.
  13. Any difference between the 2 superchargers, and are they both orange? Thanks
  14. I had a Nardi in my 78, nice wheel. I don't have to worry about it, sold it before I could look at it. Thanks
  15. Have any of you stained the carpet on the doors? Thanks
  16. That is what I thought, looking at a 63 that has one. Thanks
  17. Were the Nardi steering wheels an option on the original Avanti's? Thanks
  18. Did the original Avanti's have hood mats of any type? Thanks
  19. Thanks for the info!
  20. I hope this is related to this topic. What separates pleated door panels from the none pleated door panels? During my search I have seen both. Thanks
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