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  1. https://avantiparts.biz/speedometer-avanti-replacement-160-m-p-h-63-to-70s/ https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/store/p207/Speedometer_Gauge.html#/ https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/store/p194/Speedometer%2C_160_MPH%2C_Chrome_Bezel.html#/
  2. From 1982 through 1985, all should have AOD transmissions. After 1985, I don't know much about them. Does the shifter show 1, 2, 3 and D on it?
  3. Thanks. This is good stuff. I only wish it was for an Avanti II with a SBC but still good to know. Thanks Again
  4. Palo Alto Speedometer can rebuild most any speedo. or you can just buy a new one from one of the vendors
  5. Has anyone documented everything needed to replace a TH400 with a 200-4R in an Avanti? I have read a lot of info but wondering if someone has actually documented what is needed. Thanks
  6. That is about right. I have a 1980 also. I have thought about putting a 200-4R in mine as i believe that the mounts line right up with the ones used by the TH400
  7. Those are the ones I would like to find also
  8. Do any of you know where I can find the seal trim that goes around the sunroof? See photo. The plastic bead is coming out of the seal. The good news is that it is blue and so is the car.🤣 Thanks
  9. Would love yo find a set of decals like that
  10. And I would be happy to find that one. All that have that logo are tri-spinner type. Are the Avanti labels still around?
  11. Still have not found the calipers but you can have the discs and the calipers if I find them before the 10th.
  12. I have done extensive searches for a generic and/or Avanti specific center cap and have come up empty. THere are some tri-spinner caps that say Magnum 500 0n them but that is as close as I have found
  13. What center caps did Avanti use on their cars from the factory? Surely not Mustang ones. Are they still available anywhere? Thanks
  14. I found the discs but not the calipers. THey are 0.37" thick and no grooves
  15. okay so the water appears to be coming in a the lower front corner of the door where it meets up at the kick panel. The rubber pieces up higher on the door and A pillar seemed to be designed to route the water away from the inner part of the A pillar and even though they are in good shape, that is not always happening. Am thinking of adding a generic rubber seal to the A pillar right where the kick panel edge meets the A pillar and maybe something at the rubber sill plate to seal better. Have anyone of you tried something like this? Thanks
  16. Good thoughts but all the seals including the ones you mentioned are present and pliable. All drain channels clear and non-rusty. FYI, Alfa Romeo spiders use a similar seal where the top of the window glass meets the vent window frame and i have replaced a lot of those over the years as they seem to disappear for some reason. Thanks
  17. Well, that got soaked today too. We shall see.
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