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  1. Hey everyone, Just putting up an update here. Been a little busy, but the surging was annoying me so I dived into it a bit more. Looks like the fuel pump is degraded. I hooked up a pressure gauge, was reading 4-4.5 pounds at idle. When it warmed up, pressure reading dropped to around 3. Noticed on the hard acceleration, the pressure dropped down to 1 pound, but would recover back to 3 when the rpms came down. Did a suction pressure test and got around 4-5 inches of vacuum. Shop manual says I should be expecting 5.5-7 pounds on the fuel pressure and about 10 inches of vac
  2. Hi everyone, New owner of an 1964 r1 Avanti. Had a question on diagnosing an issue I discovered. First thing I noticed was that it Had trouble going up my very steep driveway. Had to get on level ground, and gun it so that it could make it up. I replaced the fuel and air filter. It has the old glass bowl type. I noticed it took awhile for the filter bowl to get filled with fuel. It was hard to fire up initially. but once it did, it had no problem restarting. After I replaced the filter, no problem getting up my driveway. I did notice some sediment in the b
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