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  1. I have 3 different types.

    1 is black, 2" dia with silver lettering

    1 is black, 2" dia with Gold lettering.

    1 is Silver, 2 1/8" with Black Lettering.

    $5 ea and I could just mail them.

    If interested, when I get a new phone I could send pictures. Let me know

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    2. pantera928


      Here is what mine look like. Trying to show a photo but i keep getting an error message.

      Send me some pictures or give me an email and I will send the picture of mine that way.


    3. R2W55


      It won't let me upload a picture either.

      My cell # is 847-682-0229  try sending your picture to me and I'll send mine.

    4. pantera928


      Just sent you a text.


  2. I will check today.. I lost me phone and am trying to catch up

    I also have some square Headlight covers and plastic covers..  They are used so might need some polishing.

    You can cal me at 815-477-2066  this is land line as I have not replaced my phone yet.

  3. oops I read that wrong. I was looking for a number for the gauge itself sorry

  4. I am also looking at replacing the Stewart Warner Oil Gauge.  Did you find out the correct number for the 0-80 lbs yet?

    Have you considered getting the 0-100 and changing the sending unit to the matching unit?

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