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  1. Remove the cover and put Vaseline on a folded brown bag and run it between all moving parts to lube and clean all sliding parts. Did this to my car about 8 years ago and have not had a problem since.
  2. Check your ground. Had many issues and has always been the ground.
  3. I am 6’ with a long trunk and short legs and fit very comfortably.
  4. If my memory is correct the side vents are for input/return air to the fan to push the coil and out. It may be only condensation from start up. Does it clear out once the the car cools off. Need to take it for a ride to see if it clears or is it another problem. If continues need to remove the dog house(side panels) to explore the source of the water.
  5. I agree but requires a potential car to be repainted.
  6. I had the epoxy go out and did not need to remove the complete unit nor touch the roll bar or headliner at that time I refreshed the cage that hold it from topside. A member named Jared or Javier B as he went through a lot and posted on his adventures a few years ago. Should search some of his post.
  7. I agree with MFG. I did all of the above.with a single wire quadro jet.
  8. When you finish your show board please share for us less creative types.
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