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3 point seat belt harness

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Regarding the Avanti II three point seat belt harness.

I assume 2 of the points are the locations of the original seat belts on the earlier Avanti's and the third is somewhere on the roll cage.

Does anyone have a photo and measurements of that 3rd location and the location of the retractor if they had one.

I would like  to add this 3rd point to my 63 Avanti whilst it is apart.

Thanks for your help.




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I can't find any shots of the upper mount when the 74 was in bare glass but here's a couple of shots today as I'm replacing the drivers side belt.

I measured from the floor to all three mounting points. I used the point on the floor closest to the side wall as the floor dips significantly as it moves outward.

Lowest mount is for the end of the belt opposite the retractor - 2 1/4" 

The second point mounts the retractor - 9 1/2" The belt passes between the armrest and the side of the car.

The top mount is 30 3/4" off the floor.

All bolts/nuts are 7/16" NF




The third shot is the car stripped and you can see the passenger side retractor and belt mount. It's hard to get a good shot of the drivers side but hopefully these are good enough for what you need. I'd get more if you need them.

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Thanks for that.

I was wondering about the lower connection point, if you used the original location the belt would interfere with access to the rear seats.

I see anchor point at the bottom of the roll bar alleviates that problem and the retractor sits in the ashtray location.

Once again thanks for the photos and measurements, I will use them tomorrow.



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