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Ignition and lights problem when working on dash

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Bought my 1963 Avanti several years ago. I'm retired and try to work on the Avanti but I'm not that mechanical.

I'm in the process of refinishing the dash and gauge panel. Removed all gauges and separated ignition switch from the bezel. Did not remove any of the electrical connections from ignition switch.

Now in the process of putting dash and gauges back. Started by putting ignition switch and bezel back in dash and a couple of gauges. Wanted to ensure what I put back worked before I assembled everything. Is that faulty logic!

Not only does the ignition switch not start the engine the lights do not work? Nothing was touched under the hood and everything worked before I took the dash apart. The battery is new and fully charged. The horn also works but no lights?

Have read various post on this forum but still I'm confused where to start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom.

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Just put in the fuel and oil pressure gauges. Will jump over and put in the ammeter next.

Have not been able to find knowledgeable mechanics in a small town in central Florida. Wish you were based in central Florida, Brad.


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Prior to retirement lived in Fort Lauderdale for almost 30 years, now live in a small town Lake Placid, which is about 100 miles south of Orlando. Send me an email if you like so we do not clutter up this forum. Tom.

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