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Turn Signal lens & bezel

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Arghhhhhh......my sister in law & family came by this evening to return some scaffolding they had borrowed & we all went out for dinner afterwards. My nephew is autistic & really likes my old cars. This was their first time to see the Avanti after we got it, so he really wanted to ride in it, so he & I took it while the rest went in their truck.

Anyway, after coming home I was backing the car into the garage & had to tuck it in behind the '66 commander that I'm working on. I mis-judged when to cut the wheel, and clipped the corner of the commander bumper. It took a little chip out of the fiberglass at the bottom corner of the turn signal opening, cracked the chrome bezel, and broke off the lower part of the lens below the screw.......I'm so bummed......

So...what is this goof going to cost me in parts? I still need to get the car painted so the body damage didn't worry me too much.....

Mike Sal

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I think finding a replacement turn signal housing (not just a bezel) will be the most expensive part. Nostalgic Motors made some repops some time back (quite nice quality as well) but sold out. Maybe they've obtained more...it's been since about 2008/2009 since I purchased some from them. Studebaker International at that time also had some repop housings in plated plastic (Nostalgic's were chrome plated bronze) that were unadvertised in their catalog...they had to look for them and call me back to confirm they had a few. They may still have them. I can't remember for sure but believe Nostalgic's price for theirs was about $125 apiece but I wouldn't expect them to not have increased if they do have more.

If you do order new housings, also get some J-clamps made for installing them. Originals are easily lost and I wouldn't be surprised if some are missing already.

The turn signal lens is pretty easy. Most of the suppliers have NOS or repop lenses...shouldn't be a problem. I think lenses are probably in the $20-$30 range last I saw a price on them but costs are what people are willing to pay and could be higher now.

If used is ok, give Myer's Studebaker a call...he had about six or eight Avanti parts cars last I was there plus who knows how much in his storage barns...his place is a step back in time and truly amazing. He may even have NOS or repops for all I know.

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Well, SI doesn't have any housings in stock (they had to return the last batch due to quality issues), and Nostalgic only has the bronze castings which you have to find your own plater in order to have the chrome applied. I had SI put me on the back order list for when ever they get a new batch.....I should have known this wouldn't be easy....it never is....

Mike Sal

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